KenSentMe is a small free tool to create a movie out of an image by using the Ken Burns Effect.

By defining a camera track on the image the generated movie will pan and zoom on this images. You can also add some "special effect" like camera shaking or slow camera exposures. The generated movie (or the single frames) can be used in a video authoring tool or just uploaded to a video website.


From this image:

KenSentMe created this movie:


Start KenSentMe by clicking this button - you have to accept the certificate if asked:

If you start the program the first time, a desktop and a start menu icon will be created. So you can start KenSentMe later by clicking on these shortcuts.

If you want to generate better compressed h264 videos (the default mjpeg compressed videos are quite large) you also need the free tool ffmpeg on your computer. You can download it here:




At first you have to select the source image and the target directory, where your project and all generated files should be saved. Later you can load your project by selecting this folder. Next the source image will be displayed.

You can zoom in and out by using your mouse wheel and pan by using the scroll bars of the window. Click and drag on the image to create the first node. Then add some more nodes. KenSentMe generates a track through all nodes - the red points show this track. You can move a node by clicking and dragging on a node. Click and drag on an edge of a node to change the size. Double click on a node the change its preferences.

After defining all nodes, click on 'Generate mjpeg movie' at the toolbar. Please be sure to have enough disk space left, because long or HD movies need some gigabyte.

Alternatively you can create single frames by clicking on "Generate frames" and generate a better compressed movie out of the generated frames. Do this by clicking on 'Generate movie with ffmpeg'. At first start you have to select the executable of ffmpeg on your hard disk. You find it in the 'bin' sub directory of the 'ffmpeg' directory.

Please send me a link to your generated video on Youtube or other video platforms so I can embed it on this page.

Used libraries

AVIOutputStream programmed by Werner Randelshofer


Dirk Plate